Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Control your game (Xbox)

A controller. The one thing all consoles have in common; New, old or next gen. Regardless of how advanced Motion sensing may get in the years to come, competitive gaming on consoles will ensure the survival of controllers. Now you may ask yourself ' how does it matter what controller i use', why wouldn't you. After all you probably spent the best part of a year getting used to the regular controller. But that little edge you get is priceless.

Now i pride Myself at being a competitive gamer, and a good one at that. So it was only natural for me to explore all my options, which is why i now have a pile of controllers in some corner of my room. Most are default controllers in different colors, Special editions and whatnot. But there are two in particular i want to talk about; The Razer Onza Tournament Edition and the Madcatz Cyborb V.5 Rumble Pad. Both officially licensed Xbox controllers, are great options for competitive gamers and casual gamers alike.

Razer Onza Tournament Edition

Light, comfortable, with a HUGE cable; everything you could possibly ask for in a good controller. But that's not even the best part. Its an officially Licensed Xbox controller with TWO EXTRA BUTTONS!! How does that work you ask? well its simple. You have two extra buttons right above LB and RB. and through an easy map on the bottom of your controller you can map them to replace ANY function on your controller. i personally use them instead of my stick clicks, works wonders for FPS games. Another feature i love is the rubber coated surface, it makes the controller is easy to hold & doesn't get too sweaty or slipper after long sessions. The last feature i liked, which actually has an upside and a downside is the adjustable analog resistance. Both analogs have a little dial on the shaft which lets you increase or decrease its movement resistance. So if you feel the in-game sensitivity isnt right for you, no problem; Just compensate with the analog resistance. However the downside is that the analogs end up being slightly taller/higher than regular controllers. The Razer Onza also has easy to use buttons that need only be tapped rather than jammed down.
All in all its a great controller for competitive FPS players. Not having to use my stick clicks has done wonders for my COD & GoW3, who knows this might be the edge you need.

Madcatz Cyborg v.5 Rumble Pad
Not all my friends have Xbox's, some made the mistake of buying the other console; but thats not the point. Everyone has that one friend who is always cribbing about the controller "I'm used to the playstation controller yada yada yada...", well their excuse just went out the window. Enter Madcatz . This controller is pretty much solves that problem by giving you the option of switching around the left analog and D pad to make it function like the Playstation controller. Extremely easy to switch around and comfortable to hold, The Rumble Pad is a great buy. Comes with a long cable and a rubber coated surface similar to the Razer Onza. However it does have one flaw. It weighs more than the Onza but other than that its a good controller. I personally use it for all my sports games, the Playstation configuration suites me better on FIFA.

Hope i was helpful

Captain Out

P.S. i have nothing against the PS3, i just prefer my Xbox. ;)


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