Saturday, 19 May 2012

Face Off

The thrill of riddling your enemies with holes, Tea bagging that annoying 12 year old on the other team, calling in an MOAB, or just sniping the sh*t out of the other team. These are just some of the reasons why we all love Call of Duty. Regardless of their unchanged graphics, almost identical gameplay and virtually the same game modes; we all buy the game year after year. But like it or not, it does get stale after a while. I mean come on, just how many times can you play the same game modes over and over again. Well, Gears of War came out with a brilliant solution with their special weekend and midweek playlists. Now it seems that CoD has picked up a thing or two.

While Elite may be the most useless thing in the world(its pretty much like the Gears 3 season pass with a whole lot of stat tracking), the New DLC content collection #2 might just be the breathe of fresh air the game needs. The part I'm talking about is the new Face Off mode available to everyone for free(two free maps + 2 that must be bought with the DLC). Face Off focuses on fast and tactical 1v1 and 2v2 games. The perfect way to get away from the chaos and confusion of the larger TDM playlists. 

The Playlists caters to both a fast run n gun style of play and a slower more tactical approach. Personally I love the addition of this playlists because while it was always possible to play 2v2 on all maps, they are too big for that sort of game. The Face off maps are made specifically for 2v2. Theres no running around to get to a fight, its always just round the corner. While a map like Erosion has multiple levels and not too many hiding places,  Aground offers many shadowy corners to snipe from and side passages for sneaking around.

Face Off  promotes teamwork and coordination , unlike the 'Every man for himself' attitude of regular TDM playlists. The action is fast, intense and much less annoying. However they fail to take into account the annoying kids running around with Akimbo FMG's and whatnot or just camping on corners with shotguns. Can't really fix that, but at least they are taking a step in the right direction by trying something new. Quite frankly its about time they introduced small multiplayer playlists. I've been playing on the two free maps Erosion and Aground and i must say I'm extremely happy with what they've done. Introducing the two maps for free was also a good move, might even entice me into picking up   the DLC pack for the other two maps. 

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