Friday, 4 May 2012

My Zombie Apocalypse : The Walking Dead episode one

Before i get started, let me just put it out there that I LOVE ZOMBIES. It is probably the best genre of all time. Zombie video games are my kryptonite; along with pretty women and candy. Whether or not I will get to witness an actual zombie apocalypse, i don't know; but what i do know is that they will keep making video games and i will keep buying them. The latest one on the block is The Walking Dead series by Telltale Games.

Zombie games usually bank on their ability to let players smash heads, spew guts or just brutally dismember the undead; and quite frankly its AWESOME. It's a winning formula, everyone wants to kill stuff. Left4dead and Left4dead 2 did it brilliantly(i so hope they make a third one). But after hours and hours and hours of killing the undead you kind of wish there was something more, after all its just go from here to there and kill everything in between. I had high hopes for Dead Island, regardless of its shortcomings it was a good zombie experience.

The Walking Dead aims to go where no zombie game has gone before; an emotional story driven by survival and shaped by the choices you make on the way. It takes the chaos and madness of a zombie apocalypse and weaves in personal drama. There are no yellow Hummers with a bag full of guns(Zombieland movie anyone?), there is no safe house at the end of the road. This is as real a zombie apocalypse experience can get.

You start off a handcuffed in the back of a squad car; after a short conversation you learn your name is Lee Everett and you are a convicted killer.(not your everyday zombie apocalypse hero eh?). After the inevitable car crash you pass out. Your quest for survival begins with you regaining consciousness and trying to find a way out of the car.

Rather than following the TV show or Comic book directly, the game runs a parallel story with a different group of survivors with a few familiar faces. I think this was a good move as it really lets you create your 'own' experience rather than just reliving the tv show or comic. Despite the fact that the story is quite linear it offers a lot of choices in terms of what to do, who to save, what to say etc. These decisions you take will shape your story, so think twice even when making a seemingly in-consequent decision. The game does a great job of reflecting your decisions. If you lie about yourself to one person, you end up weaving a web of lies just to protect yourself, or if you help someone they will remember it and their attitude towards you will reflect that.

The core gameplay revolves around finding useful objects, solving problems, talking to your group. The 'combat' if you can call it that is all in quick time events, which is an interesting choice but it blends seamlessly with the rest of the game. The need for quick thinking and fast reactions make for a real heart pounding experience.
The game's Art style does a great job of bringing the comic book experience to life and raelly adds to the whole experience.

Now i didn't think twice twice before buying the walking dead because i love zombies, but YOU shouldnt think twice because its a brilliant game. But let me warn you, make sure you have free time when you play the game because it will suck you in. I found myself glued to the screen for 3 whole hours and now i just want to play it again. If you are skeptical about the game pickup the first episode for 5$.
The Walking Dead promises to be one of the most memorable zombie games of all time, it sure is off to a great start. 


  1. Yeah, this game made me so curious about how it was. The zombie games I have played are mostly co-op. But for $5 it aint all that bad. Will pick it up as soon as my list of 'games I should finish first' thins out. :)

  2. im gonna be giving away a season pass pm GC this week, stay tuned ;)

  3. First episode was definitely a great one. Way better than the TV show in my opinion.
    Would love to get a Season Pass to check out the remaining episodes.