Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Not so fabulous

My idea of entertaining guests is quite different from the more conventional ways. I'd much rather get a couple of beers, nachos &  enjoy some arcade games on my Xbox instead of just sitting around having tea and staring at each others faces, making small talk. The beauty of console arcade games is that ANYONE can just jump right in, even the non geeks in my life who cant use a controller to save their life.

So when Major Nelson announced the 'Arcade Next' promotion for the upcoming Xbox Live arcade titles my credit card was out before you could say XBLA. The latest one i picked up was Fable Heroes, an Arcade spin off of the popular fable series. A hack n slash , 4 player adventure game that had all the potential in the world. It was definitely my kind of game, if only i was 10 years younger.

Inspired by the art and style of the Fable universe, they created a world of puppets, yes puppets. Might i add they bear a striking resemblance to the LBP sackboy. But don't worry the game doesn't look all that bad. Its a fun fantasy world that complements the arcade nature of the game.  Basically you have a party of 4 'puppets', all characters from the fable universe and you travel to Locations from the fable franchise.

The main gameplay involves your party going from one end of the area to the other while hacking away at Hobbes and Hollow men. While you can play the game solo with 3 AI companions it is much more enjoyable when in 4 player local co-op or over Xbox Live(there is no other reason to play this game). But the combat isn't too great, armed with only a light attack,flurry and area attack it feels a little incomplete (i know its a hack and slash game, but still), Older players will find it dry and boring, but kids will love the easy buttonmash. However the different characters all have different combat styles which sort of does make up for the lack of combos and what not. Towards the end of each level there is a fork in the road; one leads to a tedious boss battle while the other leads to a silly but fun mini game. The core aspect of the game revolves around collecting coins through levels and using them to purchase upgrades for each 'puppet' and unlocking new ones. While this does add considerable depth and replay value, i don't see myself going back just to get that extra damage bonus or range on my flurry attack.

While most fans will be disappointed, keep in mind this is a game aimed at younger audiences. So if you have kids or a young sibling, 800 Microsoft Points is a decent price for a game that you will definitely enjoy with them.
But if you are looking for a wicked arcade co-op adventure, id suggest you look elsewhere. Do check out Castle Crashers. An older title, but worth every penny.

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  1. Since it's for kids i might play this with Pooj :D