Thursday, 14 June 2012

The end is nigh.

Blizzard's games are addictive, this is a fact. Starcraft is pretty much an accepted profession in some parts of the world, World of Warcraft parties will soon replace actual physical geek parties and now we have Diablo III. A game that took ten years in the making and will probably take up the next ten years of your life. Why you ask? well its called auction house.

World of Warcraft items are so coveted that people end up selling them for real money on ebay or whatever. Poor old Blizzard get nothing, here's a quick fix- Lets add a real money auction house to Diablo III. Probably the smartest move ever, while other developers are out there wh*ring their IP's with a game every year, Blizzard gives players a reason to play their game forever. This coupled with the Unique randomized loot system really does add a lot of value to in game items for players that are serious about completing inferno or the upcoming PVP update. A win win for everyone right? Not really. If you use Paypal to get your 'hard' earned cash you will only get about 60% of it after Blizzard and Paypal take their cut(all depends on what type of Paypal account you have). That's not all that bad considering you're still making money playing a game.

Here's when your life ends and Blizzard wins. Not everyone has a Paypal account, so Blizzard also lets you redeem the money on your account at the Blizzard store. So all the cash you earn can only be spent buying their games, subscriptions and special items and whatnot. Basically all the money ends up with Blizzard. Its not all that bad you get to buy Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, The older Blizzard games. A fair trade in return for your time, effort, Job, Girlfriend, family ; pretty much your whole life will be on hold because you will have all these lovely games to play without spending a dime.

Now I have a few friends who already have Starcraft 2 in their sights or have downloaded the WoW client after claiming to never play such a game, this won't end well for anyone(who says no to anything FREE). So before you decide to jump in to the real money auction house, think long and hard whether you really want to do this. If you do then get a PayPal account because getting money on the Blizzard store is like digging your own grave.

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