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DayZ of our lives : Episode 1

Episode 1

Day 1

01:15 hrs

The sky was black as death, you could barely see 2 feet ahead. The rain was pouring without any sign of stopping. Soviet Russia was as desolate as ever. After the Zombie outbreak a few months ago there wasn't much left. Scattered resources, broken houses and an endless horde of zombies. The few that managed to survive weren't too friendly either, fear of death does that to a man, Survival was the only thing anyone cared about, no one thought twice before puling the trigger on another human. People running around killing each other over scraps of food and ammunition, as if the Zombies weren't enough of a problem. 

When I regained consciousness, I was washed up on the shore. My head hurt and I had no idea where I was. It was hard to move around in the dark, the rain made every step seem harder. I knew I had to find shelter fast, or the cold would kill me. Add to that dozens of Zombies just roaming around, waiting to catch my scent. To the west I could see the Dock cranes of Chernogorsk, one of the largest port cities or at least what was left it. My first thought was to get to town and find shelter. But town's were filled with bandits and many zombies, it would've been suicide to try and go there alone. I had been in touch with my friend Neo over the radio, we were planning on meeting up at Elektrozavodosk. 
We were in contact a few days ago and were planning to make our way inland, we thought it would be safer there because new survivors kept arriving on the coast and we didn't want any trouble. Not if we could help it. The plan was to go via Elektrozavodosk to pick up some supplies before making our way north. I was miles from Elektrozavodosk and had no idea how long I had been out cold. Would Neo still be there? I hoped he would. It was not like I had other options, Elektrozavodosk was where I needed to go. Armed with an empty Backpack, a bandaid and some painkillers I set out Eastwards towards Elektrozavodosk.

Elektrozavodosk was about 15 km South East of Chernogorsk, a fairly easy walk along the coastline.  But just to be safe I hiked up Mt Pik Kozlova, it was best to avoid roads. I followed the road from behind the tree line, the rain was starting to ease up allowing me to see a little further into the distance. After walking for what seemed like forever I finally saw tall buildings and chimneys in the distance. It had to be Elektrozavodosk. I left the trees to follow the train tracks into the city. The stench of rotten corpses defiled the air around the city.  As i reached the outskirts i had this eerie sensation, as if death was right round the corner. That's when i heard it. The sound that struck fear into the hearts of every survivor. It was like a broom stick scrapping against the wooden floor. I quickly ducked behind the first bush i saw. When i mustered enough courage to look up i didn't see much, but when i took a second look i could make out over a dozen shadowy figures around me. My heart was pounding but i had to keep my cool. One slip up and they would be on faster than ants on food at a picnic. Thankfully the rain muffled my footsteps, but i still had to be careful. I didn't have any weapon and couldn't afford an encounter. I slowly crawled along the track till i was inside the town. I had reached Elektrozavodosk, but now i had no idea where to go. I could see the sun coming up in the distance. I was cold, and hungry. Without and food and shelter I wasn't going to survive long. Now that the sun was about to come up i needed to get out of sight, there was a cathedral of sorts behind a few buildings. It seemed like my best option, so I made my way towards it. However i wasn't prepared for what happened next. 
As i turned the corner I found myself 5 feet away from a walker. I froze in position, at first it didn't realize i was there but a few seconds later it turned towards me and went into a frenzy. I didn't realize what was happening, Instinct took over and I charged past the zombie towards the Cathedral. I didn't stop for even a second. I Looped around the back of the cathedral in hopes of losing the walker. As I came to the front I saw more zombies across the road. They had hear me running. I made a dash for the front door, thankfully the walkers were slow to react. It gave me just enough time to shut the doors and lock it from inside. I huddled up in a corner and closed my eyes really tight. I woke up a few hours later and the pounding and groans were gone.
My stomach was rumbling and my body was cold so i looked around for supplies. Luckily there was a pile of things near the altar. After some sorting i found a can of coke, canned beans, band aids and some shotgun shells. It was god sent. The sun was finally up outside, the Zombies were all over the roads outside. But I was safe.

For now.

Episode 2

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