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DayZ of our lives : Episode 2

Episode 2

Day 1

18:00 hrs

I woke up with a fever, running through the rain at night had taken its toll on my body. There was a big gash on my leg, the bleeding had stopped but the damage was done. The bandages I had would not be enough to cover the wound. As I got up to take a look around i felt woozy, I had lost more blood than I had imagined. The beans and coke were gone by lunch time, I had no idea when my next meal would be. No food, No weapons, Sick and injured; it seemed my luck had all but run out.

I picked myself and made my way to the boarded up window. I could see the light fading, shadowy figures of zombies around the neighboring buildings. I looked around the cathedral and the only way out was through the front door. I thought it would be best to wait for nightfall and escape under the cover of darkness. The zombies couldn't see to well at night, that was my only chance to make it out of there alive. I figured it was best to evaluate my surroundings before I went out, so I went from window to window making a mental note of every passage, alley or door i saw. At this point my head was throbbing, my body was getting weaker. That's when I saw it. I was looking out of the west window of the cathedral, at first I didn't believe my eyes but then later it hit me. There was a red glow emanating from a small tower on top of a large building. Another survivor, I though to myself. 

The building was a few hundred meters to the west, there was a few zombies in between but that was the least of my concerns. What if there was indeed a survivor? What if he wasn't friendly? What if he had been killed by zombies? My head hurt more than ever. But i didn't really have a choice, I wasn't going to make it alone. I mustered up all the strength I had left, picked up my empty pack and made my way to the door. I opened it slowly and peered out of the crack. I could barely make out the figures of zombies down the street. One was slowly dragging himself across the street; I crawled out of the half open doorway and slowly made my way to the other side of the road.
The light source was a few hundred meters to the west, thankfully there were barely any zombies between me and my destination. As I got closer i noticed the building compound was much larger than i anticipated, It had a wire fence all around, big garage doors and a huge tower. It was a fire station.
Jackpot I thought to myself, a fire station was bound to have some supplies and medicine. As I made my way through the front door I noticed corpses on the floor. They weren't survivors, rather dead zombies. Someone was definitely hauled up in that tower. I slowly crept inside the main building and saw a light on the other side of the room; that must be the entrance to the tower I figured. As i got closer to the door i heard a low grunting noise, I turned and saw a zombie walking towards me. I tried to make a run for the light but caught my leg on a table and fell. My head was throbbing and I could see a blurry figure charging at me. There was a flash and a loud noise, then I passed out. When I regained consciousness my body was sore, and my headache was killing me. There was a red glow on the walls, at first I thought I was dead. Then it hit me, I was in the Tower!
Whoever was in there had saved me. My leg was strapped up and there were some painkillers next to me. But no one was in the room; there was food, water and ammo scattered across the tiny room. There was a small staircase leading down andIi could see the window through which I first saw the red glow. Suddenly I heard footsteps and a man walked up the stairs. I couldn't make out his face.
"'re awake" said the man, "what took you so long? I was beginning to think you were dead or something".
"Neo? is that you?" I said. "Who else is going to get you out of trouble? " said the man as he stepped out of the shadow. It was Neo indeed. But he looked different. He was missing his trademark thick locks, replaced with a short military cut and his beard was thicker than ever. He stepped up to me and offered me some food. " Eat, you are weak". He walked over to the window and took out his binoculars. "I saw you come from the cathedral you know" He said
"Why didn't you lay out the red carpet in that case?"
" Had no idea it was you, I was planning to blow your head off" he said with a smirk.
"Well i guess its good you didn't" I replied. "Thanks .. for saving me there."
"Don't mention it."
Neo went downstairs again, he didn't come back from quite some time.

"We need to move soon, the town is crawling with survivors and zombies" There was a sense of urgency in his voice. "You've been out for a few hours, but we cant stay here much longer. This is a logical stop for any survivor looking for supplies".
"sorry about that, tends to happen when you're tired, starving and bleeding." I replied.
"jokes aside, we need to move out soon. I've fixed up your leg for now, but you need medicine" Neo replied. Neo went back downstairs and emerged a few minutes later with a shotgun and an M16. Looks like Christmas had come early. "Hope you can handle a double barrel, there'es some shells in the corner there" he said and pointed to the far corner of the room. I popped some pain pills and made my way to the other side of the room. There was a whole box of shells. I loaded up my shotgun, put the remaining shells in my jacket and trousers. Neo called me over to the window and pointed to the cathedral. "There's a hospital a few blocks east of that place you were hauled up in" he said. "I scouted around while you were taking a nap, doesn't look like anyone's been there yet. Its bound to be loaded."
"Then what are we waiting for?" I replied hastily.
"You; moron. Put on your boots and pack the extra stuff, we have a couple of hours before dawn. That should be enough to make it to the hospital and then northwards out of town" he said.

Things were finally starting to look up, Neo had really stocked up on supplies in the time I took to reach him. We had enough food and drinks to last at least a few days. The guns and ammo were a huge bonus. He also had a spare Walkie so we could stay in contact even if we split up.
I quickly gathered all the extra supplies and stuffed them into my pack. It was a lot heavier now, especially with my injured leg.
I hobbled down the stairs."We're all set to go"  I said.
"Good to have you back cap" Neo responded with a smile on his face.

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