Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Patch is a Lie.

Diablo III, the most anticipated and pre ordered pc game of all time. Probably also the biggest let down of all town. An end game which was so sought after fell flat on its face just weeks after its release as it lacked any sort of depth or incentive. Players attempting a flawed item hunt pitted against indomitable odds just had no reason to continue playing. How bad could it be i thought?(before i reached inferno of course), but soon realized that it was impossible to get anywhere in the game without spending MILLIONS of in game currency or shelling out a few dollars. Even then success was not guaranteed because more often than not you came across a pack of champions that literally could not be defeated, even diablo on inferno seemed puny when compared to a pack of invulerable horde arcane molten elites who recovered there HP in 10 seconds flat. and lets not forget that damn rage timer, kill them within a certain time frame or run for your life.

Then came patch 1.04, the light at the end of the tunnel. Nerfed enemies, buffed character classes, revamped items and drop rates. What more could you want? well lets just throw in a prestige system anyway. The paragon system now allows you to gain special paragon levels after reaching level 60 to boost your base stats and Magic Find and Gold find to help end game farming. Awesome right? NO.
While the frequency of magic items has increased, the rarity of good/usable items seems to have gone down. The improvement is only an illusion as it throws rubbish rare items at you left right and center; unlike before where you got one rare item every now and then which was probably rubbish anyways. While the items stats have generally improved, you will still find most lvl 63 are absolute rubbish, and are still hard to come by as most of the time you get lvl 58-61 items.
I must admit the ease of farming makes it less painful to sift through all the trash and for the items to be worth something you must put in some effort to acquire them, but seriously dropping one decent items after 3 hours of gameplay is asking for a little too much.

I think 1.04 is still a work in progress, just the first step in fine tuning a formula that was flawed from the beginning. It is a step in the right direction but is cannot be the final destination (at least i hope not). Hopefully they will fine tune it and make more changes as we get closer to the much awaited PvP update which will put a lot more emphasis on items. Till then cross your fingers, find an OP player and keep farming.

Friday, 10 August 2012

My Shiny new Xbox

nice and new! :D
So After 3 years and hundreds of hours of gaming my Xbox finally decided to kick it and passed away last week. So i called up Microsoft Xbox Support and the nice fellow there sent me a brand new replacement console as a gesture of good faith :)
Now i know people are going to go on about how your PS3 never dies, well i don't care. Microsoft Customer support is just awesome :D

Now to get back to my Seriously 3.0 and the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Dayz of our lives : Episode 3 'Is there a Doctor in the house?'

'Is there a Doctor in the house?'

Day 2
0400 hours

As we made our way across street I could hear zombie grunts around us. Around the corner, Behind a bush or just lying in the middle of the road. It seemed as though they were everywhere. We carefully made our way along the building, staying away from the roads as much as possible. Neo seemed like he knew what he was doing, after all he had survived on his own this long. The building he had pointed out from the fire station didnt seem too far from up there, it was only a few blocks away. But my leg wasn't doing too well. I could see the blood coming through the dressing Neo had applied. "Wait up" I whispered, "My legs bleeding again" . Neo checked the corner and rushed back. "Man up will you! Its just a little cut" he said. He made me sit down on a porch just before the cathedral i was hauled up in earlier. "I'm putting on a fresh layer" said Neo as he took out some new bandages from his backpack. As he was wrapping the leg i felt this shooting pain in my calf. Neo accidentally jabbed the wound, I gave out a low grunt and looked at him. He smiled and said, "that should keep you awake for a while now". "grow up!" I replied. He picked up his gun, checked his ammo and started walking away. "where are you going?" i asked. "someone's gonna have to scout the area, and somehow i don't think its going to be you" he said as he turned the corner.

It had been over 15 minutes since Neo left, my leg was still throbbing from his jab but at least it kept me awake. Neo had been gone too long, the cover of darkness was disappearing fast, my best guess was that sunrise was less than two hours away. I was getting anxious, I wanted to find Neo but what if he came back and I wasn't where he left me. For some reason he didn't want us using the radio, he said we would need them later.
I heard some footsteps, they were coming from the direction Neo had run towards. Thank god I thought to myself. "About time" I said out loud, I saw a shadowy figure turn the corner and walk towards. He was limping "Why are you limping, are you hurt?" I asked. He only grunted. I didn't realize until it was much closer that he wasn't Neo at all. It was a ZOMBIE!

I panicked and tried to get up, but as i did the pain in my leg just shot up and i fell. The walker was moving towards me faster now, I was helpless on the ground. All my efforts at crawling away were in vain as the Zombie drew closer. I kicked at him to buy myself more time, but it barely slowed him. As the Zombie pounced on me I closed my eyes and prayed for a quick death. A few seconds after his body fell on me i realized it wasn't moving. I found the courage to open my eyes and saw a small hatchet sticking out of the zombies head and Neo standing over me. " Is this how its going to be now? Me saving your ass 5 times a day. If that's the case i think I'm better off alone " He said with a smile on his face. "Ha Ha, Now get this sack of shit off me" I gasped as I struggled to breathe with the lifeless body of the zombie weighing down on me. Neo dragged the body aside and helped me up, "thanks... again" I said. " Don't get all sentimental now, get your gear and lets move" he replied. "The route to the hospital is clear but we need move fast". He yanked the hatchet out of the zombies head and spun it around before tucking it away in his belt, "we need to find you one as well" he said. "they're really useful for taking care of business without attracting more trouble". It was like watching a child play with his toy, I think Neo enjoyed bashing in zombie heads. Not surprising really, he always had a knack for violence; whether it was spending endless hours at the shooting range or kick boxing at the gym.
We got our stuff together and made our way up the road towards the hospital building, we had to move carefully to avoid further run ins with zombies. As we got close to the hospital I saw an increasing number of decapitated zombies lying in the middle of the road, at first i thought we weren't the only survivors here but then i remembered Neo had a hatchet and he was pretty good with it. "you really went to town in these guys didn't you? " I asked in a hushed tone. "what can I say, they were in the way" Neo replied. As we approached the hospital entrance Neo put his fist in the air, signaling me to stop. I took cover near a mail box and kept a lookout while Neo surveyed the hospital entrance. He came back looking disappointed, "The Doors are locked and the windows are intact" he said. "Doesn't seem like the place has been hit but we need to find a way around"
I laughed and replied "I have a key" . "what?" Neo said sounding confused. I grabbed my shotgun by the barrel and ran at the hospital door. "NOO!!" Neo shouted behind me, but it was too late; I swung at the door with all my might. The sound of glass shattering echoed in the air, I turned and saw the fury on Neo's face as he ran towards me, I knew I was in trouble. "You moron, every survivor and zombie in the neighborhood would have heard that!!" he said angrily. "hurry up and get inside".
We quickly ran in and made our way straight to the dispensary, and boy was it loaded. Painkillers, bandages, morphine, antibiotics; you name it was there. We grabbed whatever was in sight and stuffed it into our bags. I took some morphine and applied the antibiotics to my wounded leg along with a new dressing of bandages. Neo just popped some pain pills to keep the edge off. "Take whatever you need, I'll go check the front entrance to see how many uninvited guests we have" said Neo, as he reached the door we heard some grunts and the door suddenly burst open.
Three Zombies stumbled into the room.

Before the zombies even noticed us Neo took aim with his M16 and pulled the trigger. Three loud shots echoed in the small dispensary as the three zombies fell to the floor. "We need to move NOW" he shouted as he made his way outside. I popped some pain pills, strapped my pack firmly and ran for the door with my shotgun ready. I heard a few more shots "Hurry the f*ck up" Neo shouted from outside. As I reached the reception area of the hospital is saw about half a dozen dead zombies at the entrance with more making their way towards Neo who was now standing in the middle of the street picking them off one by one. I ran out to help him, i covered his back side however a double barrel shotgun had its limitations. I fired at two zombies that were approaching Neo from an alley and reloaded as fast as I could. One of them was still charging at us, I dropped the shotgun and took Neo's hatchet from his wasit belt and ran at the zombie. One swift swing of the hatchet followed by a stream a blood and a rolling head. I could see why Neo liked that hatchet. "I'm running low on ammo" Neo shouted from behind, "we need to move NOW" I replied. Neo took a few more shots at the zombies closest to him as he turned to me and started running . "Follow me!" he said as he sprinted past me shooting at anything that moved ahead. I didn't have time to go back for my shotgun, but at least I had my hatchet. I swung at one of the zombies trying to grab me and ran after Neo. "Wait for me!!" I gasped as I tried to catch up. Neo stopped at the corner and provided covering fire, though some of his shots were to close for comfort. When I reached him he pointed north and said "that road leads out of town towards the mountain". I nodded and the both of us took off in that direction. We ran for almost half an hour, stopping every few minutes to thin out the horde of zombies chasing us. As we left town we could see the sun creeping up behind the mountains in the East, visibility was much better now. Only a few zombies were still chasing us, Neo stopped slung his M16 on his shoulders and grabbed the hatchet from my hand. "Come on you sacks of shit!" He shouted at them as he charged at them. It was like watching Mel Gibson in Braveheart. The three zombies that were running towards him had no idea what they were in for, a few swings and it was all over. Covered in zombie blood you could see the anger in Neo as he hacked those zombies to bits long after they were dead. "I think they're dead now" he said after turning them into mince meat. We took a few minutes to catch our breath before setting out again, being out in the open was not the smartest idea especially after our little adventure last night probably woke the entire town. Neo and I made our way north and settled down behind some rocks to get some rest before setting out again. We had some old beans and a flat can of coke and felt like warriors enjoying a victory feast. But inside we knew last night could have gone horribly wrong, but for now we just wanted to catch some sleep. We decided to take shifts sleeping and standing guard. Who knew what lay ahead of us.
But for now, we were safe.

Episode 4 coming soon