Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Patch is a Lie.

Diablo III, the most anticipated and pre ordered pc game of all time. Probably also the biggest let down of all town. An end game which was so sought after fell flat on its face just weeks after its release as it lacked any sort of depth or incentive. Players attempting a flawed item hunt pitted against indomitable odds just had no reason to continue playing. How bad could it be i thought?(before i reached inferno of course), but soon realized that it was impossible to get anywhere in the game without spending MILLIONS of in game currency or shelling out a few dollars. Even then success was not guaranteed because more often than not you came across a pack of champions that literally could not be defeated, even diablo on inferno seemed puny when compared to a pack of invulerable horde arcane molten elites who recovered there HP in 10 seconds flat. and lets not forget that damn rage timer, kill them within a certain time frame or run for your life.

Then came patch 1.04, the light at the end of the tunnel. Nerfed enemies, buffed character classes, revamped items and drop rates. What more could you want? well lets just throw in a prestige system anyway. The paragon system now allows you to gain special paragon levels after reaching level 60 to boost your base stats and Magic Find and Gold find to help end game farming. Awesome right? NO.
While the frequency of magic items has increased, the rarity of good/usable items seems to have gone down. The improvement is only an illusion as it throws rubbish rare items at you left right and center; unlike before where you got one rare item every now and then which was probably rubbish anyways. While the items stats have generally improved, you will still find most lvl 63 are absolute rubbish, and are still hard to come by as most of the time you get lvl 58-61 items.
I must admit the ease of farming makes it less painful to sift through all the trash and for the items to be worth something you must put in some effort to acquire them, but seriously dropping one decent items after 3 hours of gameplay is asking for a little too much.

I think 1.04 is still a work in progress, just the first step in fine tuning a formula that was flawed from the beginning. It is a step in the right direction but is cannot be the final destination (at least i hope not). Hopefully they will fine tune it and make more changes as we get closer to the much awaited PvP update which will put a lot more emphasis on items. Till then cross your fingers, find an OP player and keep farming.

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