Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sometimes random is good

This time I'm going to talk about the replay value of diablo 3. Each play through is slightly different due to the random nautre of enemies and dungeons. However this still gets monotonous after a while.
But sometimes you get random events or missions which at least make you stop from the constant clicking for a minute.
I feel these are very important to keep a players interest alive during endgame farming and adds a bit of novelty for normal playthroughs as well. I especially Enjoy the quest when Tashun the miner asks you for help, or exploring the watch tower, or the ever so popular jar of souls. Act II also has a few with the necromancer asking for help and some random mines where soldiers just get slaughtered. The only one i can think of in Act II is when the blacksmith asks you to protect him while he makes weapons. I enjoyed the developers hell level in Act I where all the zombies were the production team behind D3 and the final boss was Jay Wilson. Its these little little things that can help revive interest once the campaign has been completed.

These random events are great and provided a good break for the regular run kill farm sessions but they are too few in number. Given their random nature it would be stupid to expect them in every playthrough, but a greater variety would go a long way in helping with the lack luster endgame of Diablo III.
Another thing i have often wondered about is side quests. Non story quests that can be Act specific or may span across one or more acts, these can be NPC related or just random treasure hunting quests that can be triggered by a random map piece or something. There are a lot of ways D3 can be made interesting even after completing the campaign, the devs just need to look beyond the pvp and give it a try.

Sunday, 2 September 2012