Thursday, 24 October 2013

GTA Online

We'll its no secret I share a special love-hate relationship with GTA Online and it makes sense for my first blog post in nearly 6 months to be about GTA Online.

After the hugely disappointing launch and a small case of dengue fever which left me hospitalized for a while i finally managed to play GTA Online a whole 2 weeks after it released. It was rocky at first but once i got my crew up and running it got interesting. Rigging races, picking off bounties and being all round douchebags in a helicopter, doesn't get better than that.

One problem we have faced and still do is well.. money. Its hard to come by, expecially after the patch that has halved income from repeat missions, but we spent a while online and figured out some nice ways to make some relatively easy money.

I did a piece for the Asian Age on how to make money in GTA Online. You can chek it out HERE, a mini guide ot making money in GTA Online. I've also been thinking about running a piece on why GTA Online is better than GTA V and why this could be the future of the franchise, it'll be on Just Another Gaming Site sometime in the coming months.