Sunday, 24 November 2013

Day Of The Doctor *Spoilers*

I'll admit I wasn't always a Whovian but one fine day two years ago I gave in to my curiosity and ever since then I've been kicking myself for waiting that long. Most shows lose their charm when an important character changes but Doctor Who thrives on it. Even though each new doctor takes a little time to warm up to you by the time he reaches his regeneration he will have brought you to tears.

Day Of The Doctor while marking the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who also see's Matt Smith make one of his last on screen appearances as the Doctor with the Christmas Special set to be his last if I'm not mistaken. The episode gave us a look at his past, specifically the last day of the time war and his guilt. Having lived for centuries with the lives of billions weighing down his conscience The Doctor has often referred to the moment as his darkest hour.

The episode see's John Hurt right before he plans to destory  to end the time war, when he encounters the conscience of the super weapon he intends to use(a sentient super weapon, thats right and to top it off she comes as Rose Tyler and calls herself Bad Wolf). She takes him forward in time to see the man he becomes after living with his decision for centuries. Now what's interesting is the interplay between the three incarnations of The Doctor. Hurt, despite being the youngest acts like an old man around Tennant and Smith mocking their juvenile behaviour. They constantly use their position in time to their advantage, either by leaving a message for the future or starting a calculation on Hurt's Sonic Screwdriver which takes centuries to complete and is finally ready in SMiths Screwdrive, pretty neat atually. After saving England, forging an alien treaty and marrying Queen Victoria I (yes, The Doctor is the king of England) Hurt returns to Gallifray to finish the job. Here's when it got really interesting.

Both Smith and Tennat turn up in their TARDIS as well (even though the even was supposed to be time locked, but hey it led to something wicked so to hell with that) and sort of forgave Hurt or themselves. Its really hard to talk about 3 Doctors at the same time; They're the same person, but at the same time they aren't.
Anyway as they proceeded Smith stops to talk to Clara and suddenly realizes they/he doesn't have to do this. The Doctor gets into his "I have a plan and I'm going to save the day' mode with his wicked theme playing in the background. One after the other Tennant and Hurt understand what he intends to do and everyone scurries off in their respective TARDIS. After informing Gallifrey high command of their plan they are told it would take centuries for the calculations to complete and BAM one of the most unforgetable Doctor Who moments. Suddenly all The Doctor's past incarnations fly in with sort of a mini montage and the commander goes "I didn't know I was well off! All twelve of them!" then you hear another voice " No sir, all thirteen!".

As an anniversary special it did a great job on really capturing what The Doctor is all about, doing the right thing. It paid tribute to the last 50 years of Doctor Who by bringing in all his past lives to tackle the one thing they all regretted. It wasn't all action and sadness; it had the usual witty and fun moments the series has come to be known for, whether it was the Doctors joking about or Tennat marrying the queen. The episode also gave us a sneak at the next Doctor and laid the foundation for the Christmas Special! Damn I love the Holidays! GERONIMOOO!!!

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