Friday, 8 November 2013

N7 Day 2013

N7 Day, A great way to celebrate one of the greatest franchises in recent times. Mass Effect has a rich universe like no other, and has proven this by going byeond just the video games. But I'm going to stick to the games here.

Out of the three games, Mass Effect 2 was definitely my favourite. It did a great job of bridging the gap between the first and the third game. In Mass Effect 1 you are relativesly new to the universe and are sort of settling in; Mass Effect 3 throws you into an all out war to save the universe you have come to love. To protect the people you care about, to help those in need and to kick some serious reaper ass. Mass Effect 2 on the other hands affords you the time to explore the games rich universe, Each character you meet has so much more to their story and getting to know your crew over the course of the campaign is really where you build your emotional attachment to the game and to your personal Shepard. The rich character stories were what really did it for me in Mass Effect 2, however I was disappointed at the whole Paragon/Renegade system. I had to play the game twice so that i could save all the people i wanted by doing all the paragon options and the second time so i could make the choices i would have made otherwise.
Yes, Tali is my favourite character.

Its been quite a while since i played the game and I think a playthrough is on the horizon. But with Next Gen consoles coming up, I will have to struggle to make the time for it. I'm secretly hoping for a Mass Effect Trilogy version for Next gen, i would totally buy a collectors edition for that.

P.S. Now that winter has finally settled in, I can wear my N7 Hoodie! Booyah!

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