Monday, 25 November 2013

Time for Change: My First Android

Two years ago if you asked me to use an Android device i would have probably laughed at your face. Now I find myself sitting in front of my PC having just ordered a Nexus 5, I'm just as surprised as anyone.

I've used quite a few windows phones actually, more than most in my country to be honest. Started all the way back with the HTC Radar followed by the OmniaW which was surprisingly sturdy and lasted me over a year. Then came the Windows Phone 8X by HTC; light and good looking but i eventually switched to the Lumia 920 soon after, mainly because of the exclusive Nokia apps and services. The HTC Radar was easily the best looking of the lot with the 920 and 8X tied for second. However I always found HTC devices sort of sluggish and always moved on.

The Lumia 920 is a solid phone. It lives up to Nokia's reputation of making
phones that can double as assault weapons. I manage to drop it at least a few times a day and I am surprised that apart from a few scars there's never been much wrong with it. It's only recently that the speaker has started acting up and it randmly drops calls, so to avoid the inconveniance of being without a phone while it was being repaired I thought it was a good time to move on. I'll still keep it around as a useful backup.

In all honesty I was tempted by the 1020 but at the end of the day that monster of a camera and its sensor would really destroy a battery. Truth be told I was also a bit tired of the buggy application base of Windows Phone. So about the same time I was lokoing around for a new phone the internet was abuzz with talk of the Nexus 5. Big Screen, Exclusive first access to Kit Kat updates, Wicked looks blah blah blah. So i did a bit of digging and it turns out there really isn't a phone that can keep up with the Nexus 5 in its price range. Sure there are the lower end Micromax and Karbon device, but come on I'm not going from a Lumia to something like that.

The only thing left to do is decide on which cover I want; The Premium bumper cover that looks great but has not screen protection or the more expensive LG flip cover to take a safer option with all round protection. First world problems, I know. All that remains is to see what happens first, my 920 dying or my Nexus 5 delivery.

The 'Safer' Option
The Yellow Premium Bumper Cover really caught my eye  

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