Sunday, 19 January 2014

Upwards and Onwards

After 2 succesful seasons things seem to be looking good for my FUT. Now I ran into some problems with my formation not too long after I started which resulted in a shift to a more traditional 4 man back line with 1 CDM.

Now I have a solid line up and after 2 sucecsful campaigns and titles I am moving up nicely. I did run into a couple of Assh*les who just stepover every 3 seconds and chip the ball but apart from 1 bad loss I managed to keep up with most of them. I've only lost 4 games so far and have also recoreded a massive 12-1 victory!

Finally Trying FUT

I've been playing FIFA for as long as I can remember, however I never really got into FIFA Ultimate Team. Ever since I got my PS4 I've been playing a lot of the 'Next Gen' FIFA 14 but honestly it doesnt really offer anything too different. I got a little bored of playing Career mode over and over again so I finally decided to try FUT.

I've heard my friends bitch a lot about folks just 'abusing' glitches or imbalances in the game and spamming a particular play style in FUT. I hope to play with a style that suites me but at the same time is a little competitive. Speed and Strength seem to be the only important attributes that players online value, I'm going to try and prove them wrong. I do prefer a fast paced approach but my lack of FIFA skills (I'm not particularly good) will make this a good challenge. So far I have managed to go toe to toe with teams much better than mine solely because they cannot completely counter my play style as I dont particularly have one; I keep all my options open. Though shutting down my formation does throw a wrench in my plans. The fact that I am in India and do suffer from a considerable amount of lag from time to time does indeed stack the odds against me especiall when coupled with my lack of FIFA skills. But things seem to be going good so far with my BPL squad. I do intend to buy a few Packs down the road but I will try to stick to a low budget squad that I hope can really stand up to the Pace Wh*res in FUT. Check out my small little video on my FUT journey so far.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Ooh Shiny: Techonological Advancement In Dont Starve

So I learnt quite a bit in a few hours of Don't Starve and that has exponentially increased my chance of survival. Getting your basic resources sorted out first is a must if you are to have any chance of surviving in the game. I like to find an open area with resources in close proximity where i usually set up what i call 'Home Base'.

Becoming Self sustaining in terms of food is of utmost important as the game's name suggests that is how you are most likely to die. I like to dig up some berry bushes and get a basic farm going where I get a regular supply of food from. As the Video shows i have msot of my basic needs covered and am ready to explore more as i venture into uncharted territory. However soon after I was finished with uploading my latest commentary video (Below) where I was all set with a nice food supply to go with a science machine and Alchemy Engine thigns took a rather unexpected turn. As night fell right after I signed off on the video i started to hear strange noises and thne out of nowhere freaky Hounds came out of the darkness and tore me to bits.

Sucks, I know. But at least I got to learn something out of it. Everytime you die and end a game you gain some 'xp' which unlocks the other characters My next playthrough will be with my newly unlocked character who comes with new abilities and stuff which is great as it offers many different styles of playing. Stay tuned for more! 

My First Video Commentary: 1 Day in Dont Starve

So I've been working my way up to this and we're finally here. My first Video commentary from my PlayStation4. Its ridiculosu that this entire process took me little over 3 hours between uploading to facebook, downloading from Facebook and uploading to YouTube. Sony needs to add a feature to directly upload this stuff, either that or Airtel really needs to give me better internet. Its laughable that the maximum speeds offered in my area are 2 mbps.

Anyways, so the video is finally up and its not all that great but hey, you gotta start somewhere right? The Voice over is a bit poor because A) I'm sick, B) the PS4 headset is the worst thing conceived by man and C) I generally mumble when I have to talk n front of people. That's why I like my job, writing . Far Far away from people. Back to the point. I'm really enjoying Don't Starve, I absolutely love survival games and this is right up there with some of my favourites. There's just so much to do and explore and I've just barely scratched the surfaec. I'm super excited and a little scared at what I'll find as I go on. You can be sure there will be more videos in the future. Hopefulyl I'll sound a lot better as I go on.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Taking Blacklight Retribution For A Spin

So as you might have guessed I can't get enough of my PlayStation 4. I've been fooling around with the Gameplay footage sharing and even though its a tiring process I'm getting stuff on YouTube slowly.

Finally got around to playing some Blacklight Retribution, the Free to Play shooter on PS4. Seems fun but I think its in BETA and needs stuff worked out. As you can see by the video the spawn hacking/killing is just ridiculous. Its too easy to tell where someone will turn up. I also noticed A LOT of microtransactions in the game and that's fine to be honest, they need to make their money somehow. Just hope its not another Pay to Win kind of game like Tribes Ascend. Man that was a horrible and thankfully short experience. In the future, Neo and I will think twice before looking around for games that aren't DayZ

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

First Day With My New PlayStation 4

I've never really been a PlayStation person but boy oh boy do I love my newPlayStation 4. It might be because all my other consoles are older and slower or just that I don't have the Xbox One, but I really don't care. Im happy with my purchase.

There aren't very many games, but I do like the PSN ones on offer and that's where I'm going to be spending most of my time. I'm really excited about being able to capture gameplay footabge, however getting it to youtube is a pain beucase it first uploads to facebook which takes foreer on my slow connection. I then have to download stuff from Facebook and Upload to Youtube. A pain in the a** but hey, you gotta do it. Until they add a direct Youtube upload feature, which I'm assuming is the next logical step.

Resogun is easily my favourite game so far, do check out Review as well. Cheers