Sunday, 19 January 2014

Finally Trying FUT

I've been playing FIFA for as long as I can remember, however I never really got into FIFA Ultimate Team. Ever since I got my PS4 I've been playing a lot of the 'Next Gen' FIFA 14 but honestly it doesnt really offer anything too different. I got a little bored of playing Career mode over and over again so I finally decided to try FUT.

I've heard my friends bitch a lot about folks just 'abusing' glitches or imbalances in the game and spamming a particular play style in FUT. I hope to play with a style that suites me but at the same time is a little competitive. Speed and Strength seem to be the only important attributes that players online value, I'm going to try and prove them wrong. I do prefer a fast paced approach but my lack of FIFA skills (I'm not particularly good) will make this a good challenge. So far I have managed to go toe to toe with teams much better than mine solely because they cannot completely counter my play style as I dont particularly have one; I keep all my options open. Though shutting down my formation does throw a wrench in my plans. The fact that I am in India and do suffer from a considerable amount of lag from time to time does indeed stack the odds against me especiall when coupled with my lack of FIFA skills. But things seem to be going good so far with my BPL squad. I do intend to buy a few Packs down the road but I will try to stick to a low budget squad that I hope can really stand up to the Pace Wh*res in FUT. Check out my small little video on my FUT journey so far.

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