Wednesday, 8 January 2014

First Day With My New PlayStation 4

I've never really been a PlayStation person but boy oh boy do I love my newPlayStation 4. It might be because all my other consoles are older and slower or just that I don't have the Xbox One, but I really don't care. Im happy with my purchase.

There aren't very many games, but I do like the PSN ones on offer and that's where I'm going to be spending most of my time. I'm really excited about being able to capture gameplay footabge, however getting it to youtube is a pain beucase it first uploads to facebook which takes foreer on my slow connection. I then have to download stuff from Facebook and Upload to Youtube. A pain in the a** but hey, you gotta do it. Until they add a direct Youtube upload feature, which I'm assuming is the next logical step.

Resogun is easily my favourite game so far, do check out Review as well. Cheers

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