Friday, 10 January 2014

Ooh Shiny: Techonological Advancement In Dont Starve

So I learnt quite a bit in a few hours of Don't Starve and that has exponentially increased my chance of survival. Getting your basic resources sorted out first is a must if you are to have any chance of surviving in the game. I like to find an open area with resources in close proximity where i usually set up what i call 'Home Base'.

Becoming Self sustaining in terms of food is of utmost important as the game's name suggests that is how you are most likely to die. I like to dig up some berry bushes and get a basic farm going where I get a regular supply of food from. As the Video shows i have msot of my basic needs covered and am ready to explore more as i venture into uncharted territory. However soon after I was finished with uploading my latest commentary video (Below) where I was all set with a nice food supply to go with a science machine and Alchemy Engine thigns took a rather unexpected turn. As night fell right after I signed off on the video i started to hear strange noises and thne out of nowhere freaky Hounds came out of the darkness and tore me to bits.

Sucks, I know. But at least I got to learn something out of it. Everytime you die and end a game you gain some 'xp' which unlocks the other characters My next playthrough will be with my newly unlocked character who comes with new abilities and stuff which is great as it offers many different styles of playing. Stay tuned for more! 

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