Thursday, 9 January 2014

Taking Blacklight Retribution For A Spin

So as you might have guessed I can't get enough of my PlayStation 4. I've been fooling around with the Gameplay footage sharing and even though its a tiring process I'm getting stuff on YouTube slowly.

Finally got around to playing some Blacklight Retribution, the Free to Play shooter on PS4. Seems fun but I think its in BETA and needs stuff worked out. As you can see by the video the spawn hacking/killing is just ridiculous. Its too easy to tell where someone will turn up. I also noticed A LOT of microtransactions in the game and that's fine to be honest, they need to make their money somehow. Just hope its not another Pay to Win kind of game like Tribes Ascend. Man that was a horrible and thankfully short experience. In the future, Neo and I will think twice before looking around for games that aren't DayZ

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