Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Road To Comic Con India 2014

With Comic Con India just 2 days it's not surprise that I am still struggling to finish my costume. It looks like things are finally coming together but as always it's going to be a sprint to the finish.

Every year, the day after comic con i pretytmuch decide what I want to do the next year but laziness gets the better of me and I usually don't start working until mid January(shame on me, I know). This year however I was stuck deciding between two possible cosplays; Link and Cloud. I finally went with Cloud because I liked his sword way too much. I originally wanted to make the First Tsurugi but I went with his Buster sword he gets from Zach. At first I wasn't sure how it was going to come out but this thing is a work of art. I could not be happier. I went with a wooden hilt and a lighter
wood board for the blade to make it more 'manageable', but its still quite heavy, at least for my measly arms. You get only a sneak at the sword, BEFORE the finishing touches. The final product is a surprise.

The two components I ran into problems with were the wig and shoulder pad. The wig, ordered from China arrived TODAY despite being ordered almost a month ago just hours after a bought a replacement one from Delhi itself. But hey now I have two and that's never a bad thing! The replacement wig might just end up on a Super Saiyen outfit in the near future, I'll keep you posted.

The shoulder pad however was much more difficult. After striking out online and being turned down by a dozen metal workers I decided to try and make it myself. I went with PoP( the stuff they make a cast out of) and I'm quite happy with the result. I still need to cut it and and finish off some of the edges but the PoP has given a nice rugged look which I really really like. My clothes are almost ready, with only a few finishing touches needed, I might just be done in time this year! Comic Con India is always exciting and this year promises to be no less, I can't wait! Might post a sneak peak of the costume the night/morning before.

I also have a new Facebook Page where I will regularly post updates and stuff so you can stay tuned.


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