Sunday, 9 March 2014

300: Rise of an Empire

So I managed to catch the new 300 movie after what was probably the worst meal of all time at Johnny Rocket's(seriously, do NOT go to the India stores, they are horrible.).

Food aside, I went into the movie with a blank slate and came out more or less satisfied. If you're going for a film like 300 and expect stellar acting, brillliant writing and strong characters; you need your head checked. The movie fails horribly in those departments, but you know what? its ok. A movie like 300 is all about the action and in this case some pretty slick 3D and this movie delivers in style. While the characters are nowhere as strong and memorable as the one's in the the first 300 movie they get the job done. They deinitely look the part, but thats about it.

The action sequences in the movie are absolutely amazing. Some wicked sound effects coupled with 3D sword fights and folks going all matrix on the battlefield is really enjoyable. Despite the fact that the blood looked like 'thick expired ketchup' the action scenes still look amazing. Most of the movie revolves around Naval combat and some of the manoeuvres are pretty cool and looks freat with the 3D. This is one of the few movies where I genuinely enjoyed the 3D effects and its great to see people are finally doing it well compared to the horse sh*t we were subject to just a few years ago.

It has set up quite an exciting finale with one hell of a battle lined up for the final installment of the film. Though I am curious to see whether or not they will explore a romantic arc between Themistokles and Queen Gorgo, unlikely but then again might just add an interesting element to the mix with some more crazy 2v2 fighting scenes.

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