Saturday, 21 June 2014

Return To Yamatai

There is literally no describging how bored I am these days with no major video game release in sight. Having Given up on my quest for the Watch Dogs Platinum Trophy (thank you stupid drinking mini games) and being disguested by the Battlefield Hardline Beta, I decided to finish Tomb Raider Definitive Edition on my PS4.

I had already played and quite enjoyed the reboot back when it launched last year but I never fully explored the world. After countless headshots and counter jab kills I finally finished the campaign after which I decided to go back and get all the collectibles; It wasn't until then that I realized how beautiful this game truly was. The once hostile Island was now a serene expanse of jungles and peaks just waiting to be explored. I took my time combing over every inch of each zone exploring areas I hadn't even noticed before; which to be honest is understandable, I mean how much can i explore when I'm being shot at and chased by wolves right? 

Completing the campaign and exploring the Island are two completely different experiences, and while the combat is enjoyable and the QTE's give you some heartstopping moments; the post game is how Tomb Raider is truly meant to be enjoyed. Revisiting area's gives you a new perspective because now you actually have the time to take in the sights and enjoy where you are. Places like the mountain peaks or the starting jungle with the wolves, that were once hostile and honestly speaking gave me a lot of grief are now calm and beautiful. Sure they bring back memories of some harrowing times, but its worth it. Besides, thing's tend to look better when you're not being shot at and there's no crazy hurricane brewing. The tomb raiding aspect of the game is much more enjoyable post game, as compared to stumbling across a tomb while trying to evade enemies. Even though most of the tomb's where fairly easy, they were quite fun. Some of the game's unlockable challenges are often overlooked during the campaign and now you have the time and freedom to go about them at your own pace, with bright skies all around of course. It makes for a more cheerful and enjoyable experience. 

Safe to say this should keep me occupied for a few more days until Valiant Hearts releases. 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Battlefield Hardline : WTF

So I had a chance to get on EA's latest shooter, Battlefield Hardline during the limited Beta on PS4. Honestly speaking the game is extremely disappointing and is so not what players expect from a battlefield game. The growing focus on closed quarters combat and kills over objectives is destroying the once great franchise.

Here's a some gameplay commentary of the new game mode Bloody Money.